“Girls are said to like brown? This girl definitely likes it!”

With these words, Maxineczka begins her new episode about TanExpert brand products. She is a wonderful, experienced Beauty Guru on the Polish beauty scene.

If you want to learn how to perfectly apply self-tanning cosmetics for brilliant results, this is the episode for you. This is an excellent tutorial to start your adventure with self-tanning. There, Maxineka reveals some of her proven tips to look like you just returned from an egotistical vacation.

As she points out, for her dry and atopic skin, the TanExpert Coconut Glow is ideal. Through the addition of coconut water, it deeply moisturizes the skin, even the very demanding ones. Wanting an even darker effect, the Youtuber recommends another TanExpert brand cosmetic, this is the foam Bronze Amber. It ensures that the products allow us to get a beautiful effect on the whole body.

For tanning facial skin, the author relies on additional moisturization. The gradual tanning drops, TanExpert Diamond Glow, allow you to mix them with your favorite cream, so they give you a simultaneous moisturizing and tanning effect on your skin.

After just one application of cosmetics from the brand TanExpert, you'll get a perfect full-body tan! A tan without streaks, orange tones and a bad smell is a must have for every woman.

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