On this page you will find the most popular questions and our answers about TanExpert and MineTan self-tanning foams.

1.Which foam should I choose?

First of all, remember that all of our foams have a very natural, cool shade. To choose the optimal product for your skin tone and expectations, use our shade finder, which will help you choose the perfect cosmetic easily and quickly, at any time of the day or night. Just click on this [LINK]

If you have any doubts, we also encourage you to contact us by email, phone or through social media messengers - we are always happy to help :) We are at your service from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at phone number: 533 709 708 and e-mail address: sklep@tanexpert24.pl. 

2. Which product is the most gentle, and which will have the strongest effect?  

As we pointed out in point No. 1 - all our products are characterized by natural shade. Therefore, you should not adopt the misconception that after using our most delicate products your skin will be yellow or orange - no worries, we do not have such self-tanners on offer. Next to each cosmetic there is a note that indicates the main feature of the self-tanner, e.g. "natural, brown shade" or "cool and intense tan". - It is worth paying attention to this, as this information provides the best description of the given shade. On the other hand, the final effect is mainly dependent on how long you keep the initial bronzer on the body (that is, the number of hours from application to the first shower) - in short, the longer you keep the foam on the body, the stronger the tan will be.

3. How long do we keep the foam on the body?

We suggest keeping the self-tanning foam on the body for 1h for a light effect or about 3h for a stronger effect. If necessary, to enhance the color, we can extend this time even to 8h and apply the product before bedtime :) It all depends on the intensity you want to achieve. After the first shower we wash off the initial bronzer from the body, while the tan will develop in the outer layer of the epidermis for up to 24h more.

4. Can the foam also be used on the face?

Of course, any of our products, is suitable, both for the body and the face. In the case of foams, we suggest using a smaller amount of cosmetic on your face - as a rule, the remnants of self-tanner that have soaked into the glove during body application are fully sufficient. Also remember our products dedicated primarily for the face gradual tanning drops and mists. For gradually building up a subtle tan, our gradual tanning lotions also work well.

5. Can the foam be applied two days in a row?

In the case of self-tanning foams with an initial bronzer, the application can be repeated as we notice that the color begins to fade, but we recommend to perform a scrub the day before, because by applying 2 layers of the foam, you can tan unevenly or the tan may come off unevenly (which does not occur if the product is applied according to our recommendations). The situation is different with gradually bronzing products such as transparent foams, self-tanning lotions, mists and drops - where you can freely apply the product, even daily.

6. Can the products be used during pregnancy/breastfeeding?

We base our position on official information, according to which there are no objections to cosmetics with dihydroxyacetone (DHA) being used during pregnancy. At the same time, I would like to point out that dihydroxyacetone has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe substance and permitted for use in cosmetics. Many of our clients, are pregnant and breastfeeding women. Of course, the final decision to use a given cosmetic is the individual choice of each woman. Analogically as it is, for example, in the case of hair dyes or hairsprays. Since each case should be considered on an individual basis - before using a particular cosmetic, we recommend a prior consultation with a medical practitioner.

7. Can cosmetics leave stains on the bedding?

Cosmetics that have an initial bronzer can leave traces on white bedding or clothes, while after washing off the product and the development of the tan, the possible staining is similar to a sun tan, with strong rubbing of the epidermis, very fine traces can be formed (which, of course, are washable).

8. How to properly apply the foam?

First of all, with enthusiasm and a smile:) And on a serious note, we recommend applying the foam with our mitt that guarantees a streak-free application.


The day before application, perform a full-body exfoliation with a mitt or coffee scrub - we have both of these products on sale. This will help your tan last even longer.


Apply the foam to the body completely cleansed of cosmetics. Apply the self-tanner on our dedicated mitt, then spread in circular motions all over the body. Feel free to tan your face as well.


Rub your hands and feet with the remaining foam from the mitt at the very end. They should definitely be lighter than the rest of the body, almost pale - we do this because these parts of the body absorb the bronzer more strongly.


Wait a few minutes and put on clothes, preferably dark and loose. Keep the foam on the body from 1 to 3h for a clear effect, and if necessary to enhance the color you can extend this time up to 8h. Keep in mind that during this time your body should not come into contact with water, and you should avoid intense exercise to avoid sweating. That's why many people prefer to apply self-tanner just before bedtime


After that, take a short shower (45 seconds) with just plain water and you're done :) After the first shower, you will wash off the initial bronzer from your body, while the tan will develop in the outer layer of the epidermis for up to 24 more hours.


You can return to standard bathing with your daily cosmetics after 8h, counting from the moment you wash off the initial bronzer.

The clip below illustrates how simple and quick the application is

9. How long does the tan last?

As a rule, a tan lasts 7-14 days, depending on individual predisposition and the stage of exfoliation at which our epidermis is. It is also important to systematically moisturize the body and hydrate it from the inside. Usually two applications a month are enough to enjoy a lasting tan.

10. Can you tan in the sun after applying self-tanner?

Of course! :) Our self-tanning foams stay on the outer layer of the epidermis. So we can go on vacation already tanned, and while enjoying the sun - follow exactly the same procedure as for standard tanning. Just remember about safe time spent in the sun and sunscreen.

11. How long does one foam last?

Each of our foams has a capacity of 200 ml, while the suggested amount of product for a full body tan is 15-25 ml. So one foam is enough for 10-15 applications on the whole body, that is several months of regular use.

12. How can you prolong the effect of the tan?

We recommend using our gradual bronzing lotion, which will moisturize the skin and prolong the tanning effect by gradually building up the tan.

13. Is it possible to ship overseas?

Sure, you can find a detailed list of countries to which we send our packages on the "Shipping" subpage.

14. Are the products definitely not allergenic?

As a rule, our cosmetics do not cause allergic reactions, however, you should take into account that irritation and allergies are the most common adverse reactions after the use of cosmetic products. They occur infrequently, but cannot be completely eliminated, despite a thorough and detailed cosmetic safety assessment and dermatological testing. Side effects can be very individual and depend on the condition of our skin. If you observe an adverse reaction after using a cosmetic - you should report such a case to our Customer Service. We are obliged to accept such a report and include it in the cosmetic product documentation. Since customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us - a possible allergic reaction is grounds for us to accept a complaint about the product. To do this, simply send the product back to us together with a complaint card and a description of the adverse effects

15. What does cool tan mean?

"Cool tan" is what we call a brown, subdued color. Cool tan color most closely resembles the post-holiday shade, at the same time the hue clearly refers to cool colors. Such a tan can be both delicate and stronger, while in both cases it looks very natural. In our opinion, a cool tan best suits people with a slightly darker complexion. Remember that all TanExpert and MineTan products, regardless of tone, have a natural finish (even the warmest shades) and provide a tan without streaks or orange tones.

16. Do the foams have an unpleasant smell?

The foams themselves are unscented. Any smell that develops is due to DHA tinting the epidermis. However, this is an individual issue, as every skin is different and reacts differently to this ingredient.

17. I have concerns that the tan will look artificial. What can I do to avoid this? 

It's simple, forget the fears! :) Our products give a very, very natural effect and are a completely different generation of cosmetics, compared to most drugstore goods. On a regular basis, we receive positive recommendations not only from hundreds of satisfied customers, but also from recognized people in the Beauty industry. If you want to see amateur testimonials and evaluate the effect of our products with your own eyes (without an ounce of Photoshop :), just visit one of the social media profiles of our partners who work on MineTan cosmetics, for example.

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We remain at your service :) TanExpert / MineTan Poland team!