Welcome to the world of cosmetics recommended by Professionals. We are a company that specializes in selling self-tanning and bronzing products, tanning equipment and cosmetics, as well as organizing professional spray tanning training courses. At the same time, in addition to the highest quality of TanExpert brand products, as the only ones in Poland, we offer our customers MineTan self-tanners, the worldwide, recognized brand, which is our partner. In the offered assortment we have not only professional equipment and mists dedicated to spray tanning, but also cosmetics for self-application at home.

Excellent products

The TanExpert and MineTan products we offer are characterized not only by market innovation, but also guarantee amazing, instant results. They are distinguished from the competition by both excellent quality and the speed of action, which is an absolutely key topic for many customers. The use of these exceptional cosmetics means that visible results can be felt as soon as during the first hour after application.

The value of the products we offer is also reflected in their quality. The products ensure a fully natural skin tone, without leaving unsightly orange discolorations. On the other hand, the varied and rich range of shades means that matching the perfect color to a particular skin type will not pose even the slightest problem.

It is worth remembering that the tone and intensity of the color depend on the time it is "worn" on the skin. We recommend leaving the liquid on the body for one to three hours before a light shower. For those who are interested in enhancing the effect, it is possible to naturally extend this process - up to eight hours.  


Tan in an hour

A beautiful, elegant and natural-looking tan is possible in just 60 minutes. The secret lies in the innovative formula 1 (HT), which all TanExpert and MineTan brand 1-hour express self-tanners have. The key, unique formula 1 (HT) contains Fast TanningActives with Quad Bronzing technology, which significantly accelerates the tanning process. Achieving a long-lasting, dark color effect on the skin is possible thanks to naturally sourced DHA combined with powerful antioxidants, including botanical plant extracts and silky amino acids, among others. It is this combination that makes the tan develop faster, absorb more deeply into the skin and leave an aesthetic and sensual effect on the skin that stays for longer. The combination of all the ingredients contained in this product provides many benefits for the skin, and the presence of moisturizing antioxidants has a powerful effect on increasing its radiance.  

The perfect tone for your skin

TanExpert and MineTan products give you the opportunity to choose and decide what skin tone you dream of. A rich palette of mists and cosmetics allows you to gently adjust the finish of your skin, so that its color can resemble any tan from any part of the world. If you're thinking of a color that suits a Mediterranean vacation, choose Violet. Are you interested in a phenomenal effect native to Rio de Janeiro? The Dark Topaz product will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for a tan that will firm your skin at the same time, you should try the Workout Ready series, which was created specifically for active people. These products are infused with caffeine and guarana, known for their firming and slimming properties. On the other hand, you can achieve a completely different end result if you decide to use products with coconut water, which is Coconut Glow. Are you looking for extra hydration? Use Moroccan, a product enriched with argan oil, which nourishes and repairs even the driest skin. What are you dreaming of? Think about it and find the perfect product for yourself.