Not sure how to choose and select the perfect self-tanner ? Use our tips

To find your favorite cosmetic, start by defining your expectations for it.

Do you want an instant effect, or would a product with gradual bronzing properties be better for you? Or is face tanning your main goal?

It's also important to know what your natural skin tone is and determine whether you want the tan to be subtle and delicate or more intense.

Another factor relates to the additional properties of the products. If you have a problem with dry skin, choose a self-tanner whose ingredients make it moisturize the epidermis in addition to tanning.

Remember that the website has a dedicated shade finder, which will help you find the best foam in three easy steps. Just select your skin color, skin type and desired effect, and the self-tanner perfectly suited to you will appear on the screen of your device. If you want to use this tool.

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In our store you can find 3 main categories of self-tanners:




Which category of products to choose?

Self-tanning foams guarantee a visible tanning effect as soon as an hour after application.

Depending on your skin tone and the effect you want, choose a foam with a natural, subtle finish or one that provides a much darker tan.

TanExpert Bronze Amber self-tanner will give your skin a natural golden-brown shade, while if your dream is a cool and intense tan, choose TanExpert Dark Topaz. The final color intensity also depends on how long you keep the foam on your skin. If you want a clear, natural tan, leave it on for a maximum of 3 hours, and if you dream of a dark brown shade, apply the foam in the evening, go to bed, and wash it off after 8 hours. Remember that the tan develops and darkens over the next 24 hours after the shower, during which you wash off the initial color. If you have a problem with dry skin, opt for a cosmetic with additional moisturizing properties - they contain coconut water and nourishing oils. An ideal example of a self-tanner that, in addition to tanning your skin, will nourish and moisturize it is TanExpert Coconut Glow. One of its main ingredients is coconut water, which regenerates the epidermis and provides a soft, pleasant coconut scent during application. The range of our foams is so wide that you are sure to find your perfect self-tanner without any problems.

To enjoy the beautiful tanning effect for as long as possible, it is important to moisturize your body intensively. After all, during the first shower you wash the foam off your skin, and what is ultimately responsible for the dark color is the pigmented epidermis. In order for the tan to last as long as possible and look as perfect as possible at all times, it is important to properly care for this epidermis, that is, drink plenty of water and moisturize it. On the second point, the Rapid Recovery moisturizing lotion, which you will find in our offer, will be ideal. The composition enriched with hyaluronic acid and ceramides will make you feel how regenerated and nourished your skin is after its first application. You should also try an innovative product, which is TanExpert Desert Rose gradual bronzing lotion. Its properties make it intensively moisturize the skin, while prolonging the effect of the tan. If, on the other hand, you think that the tan achieved with a foam will be too intense for you, the bronzing lotion is the product for you. Because the effect deepens and darkens with each successive application, you have full control over how intense a tan you get.

It depends only on you whether after applying the bronzing lotion your skin will look delicately sun-kissed or the effect will be more intense.

Self-tanners for facial skin have been created in such a way as to gradually tan it, while nourishing it and not disturbing its natural barrier.

In this category you can choose from both mists and drops. The TanExpert Invisible Dust mist contains jojoba oil, rich in antioxidants, that will moisturize your skin, smooth it and protect it from harmful external factors. During its application, you will feel a delicate, pleasant, floral fragrance. If a product in a form other than a mist is more convenient for you, choose Diamond Glow drops. Just a few drops will turn your cream into a perfect self-tanner that will give your skin a golden brown glow. Their use will provide you with constant nourishment and illumination, and an additional advantage is a healthy and natural-looking tan. Regardless of which product you choose, you can be sure that each of them will moisturize your skin and not irritate it. Facial self-tanners have gradual tanning properties, which means that - as in the case of balms - you decide how intense the effect you will build. Their application is extremely simple - just add a few drops or sprays of mist to a portion of your cream or serum, mix and apply on the face. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after application. Thanks to this, you will avoid unnatural tan of the inner part of the hand. Use the product every day and watch your skin turn golden brown while staying hydrated and glowing.

Each of our products will provide you with a perfect and lasting tan at home without the risk of any streaks or discoloration. Their application is extremely simple, and the natural composition means that they do not irritate your skin and are completely safe for health

Remember that when applying foam or lotion, it is worth using a special glove for applying the Magic Mitt self-tanner. It will allow you to perfectly distribute the product even in hard-to-reach places. Choose your favorite product or choose one from each category to create your perfect tanning set.