Find your perfect self-tanner

No worries, our products are very versatile and regardless of which one you use - you are going to look great :)

However, it's worth knowing that each cosmetic has its special properties, e.g. Workout Ready contains a unique formula that allows sweat to pass through the tan instead of washing it off; Luxe Oil is enriched with 7 exclusive oils that nourish dry skin and restore radiance; while Coconut Water is the world's first self-tanning foam with coconut water, providing a unique bronzing effect supported by antioxidants that restore skin hydration while nourishing it. The configurator below will make it easy for you to find the product that suits you perfectly - just a few clicks and you're done.

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Choose your skin tone

  • White

  • Bright

  • Light brown

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What effect are you after?

  • Sun-kissed skin

  • Natural brown

  • Deep olive brown

  • Cool brown

  • Very dark brown

  • Slim and modeled silhouette

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Choose your skin type:

  • Dry

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