Consumer Laurel Award - Discovery of the Year 2021

The Consumer Laurel is one of the most valuable awards a company can receive. We feel honored that our brand has been honored in this way, and we sincerely thank all those who have contributed to our receiving this prestigious award. An integral part of these "all" is, of course, you - our customers.

It is your daily commitment that motivates us to continue our work and the successful development of the company. It is thanks to it that we constantly improve the quality of our services and raise the bar higher and higher. The result of these efforts is - in addition to satisfaction and contentment - this unique award, the receipt of which we now have the opportunity to celebrate.

The Consumer's Laurel is the most prestigious nationwide plebiscite that has been honoring the most valued products and services in the domestic market for seventeen years. Its certificate not only ennobles, but also confirms the strong position of the company and makes consumers identify the brand with a guarantee of innovation and quality.

It is with great gratitude and humility that we accept this honorary award, while guaranteeing that we will do our best to prove every day that we fully deserve it.