Eliza Trybała uses TanExpert self-tanner all year round!

The year-round effect of Eliza's sun-kissed skin is due to the efficient and easy-to-use self-tanning foam by TanExpert. It's a great alternative from tanning beds or sun tanning, which can harm delicate skin!

Self-tanners in foam for those craving an exotic effect

Like Eliza Trybala, it's likely that many other women don't necessarily find free time for traditional tanning methods. In such a situation, a great solution is the celebrity-tested Bronze Amber foam. It is what keeps her skin looking healthy and glamorous all year round!

The best results will be achieved if the mousse is applied with a special self-tanner glove, which guarantees even distribution of the product. To make application easier, the foam already has its own specific color as it is spread - so we can easily control the self-tanner coverage. It is worth keeping in mind that the final color does not show up until several hours after application.

The Bronze Amber foam that Eliza Trybala uses is a product that guarantees the effect for at least a week. Compared to other self-tanners, it is distinguished by ingredients of natural origin, as well as being odorless and leaving no orange discoloration behind.