Influencer’s Top 2021 award for TanExpert

TanExpert products have once again won the hearts of users who appreciate natural and effective body care. This time, behind the brand's success is the stunning self-tanning foam Bronze Amber - you can even hear about its benefits from the mouths of celebrities!

Detailed product formulation and the use of only high-quality ingredients have always been our benchmark for success. Through this, and the rest of our activities, we have created a brand associated only with success. The modern character of the conducted trainings, cooperation with recognizable personalities - these are just some achievements! Receiving another award distinguishing our products has become an obvious indication to us that what we do meets even the highest expectations.

In TanExpert we offer a wide range of self-tanning products that give your skin the exotic color of a natural tan. In addition, they have great moisturizing and nourishing properties - that's what so many women have come to love them for! For us, the Influencer's Top 2021 award is the culmination of meticulous work on the perfect product.