Key tips after spray tanning

Proper preparation for spray tanning is almost half the battle if you want to maintain the intense effect for a long time. To best maintain your tan, you also need to take care of a few details after the treatment. With these, you can decide how intense the effect will be on your body - the longer you keep the product, the deeper the shade of tan you will get..

What should one do immediately after a spray tan procedure?

How the spray tanning goes depends on the first few hours after the treatment - the guidelines say to take a one-minute shower under lukewarm water after 1 to 3 hours have passed. This will get rid of any residual bronzer or self-tanner, and the active ingredients will continue to work, giving your skin a deepening bronze effect. It is extremely important to observe the right temperature, as hot water could stop the development of the tan.

When showering or bathing, use only plain water, without additional gels, scrubs, shampoos, or cleansing bars. Their use on the first day after treatment could interfere with the penetration of the product into the skin. In addition, remember to gently dry your skin with a towel, without rubbing heavily, and try not to touch your skin before washing off the liquid. Now you can wear your favorite clothes without worrying that they will get dirty with the remains of self-tanning products.

How to take care of your skin after spray tanning?

Modern and increasingly popular spray tanning - reviews of many users indicate that it is worthwhile to regularly moisturize the skin to keep it firm and healthy. MineTan Everyday Glow Gradual Tan cosmetics will be perfect for this purpose, as well as many other products suitable for all skin types. Thanks to their properties, you will further prolong the life of your tan. However, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly after each use.

You can take a normal shower only 8 hours after your first summer shower - these few hours are sufficient for the product to be completely absorbed and the tan to be fixed in the outer layer of your skin. From now on, you can use your cleansers no matter what their composition or pH is. The only exception is the scrub, which accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin, resulting in a faster brightening of the tan and the possibility of unsightly streaks.

To maintain a flawless result, moisturize your skin daily with professional cosmetics, avoid prolonged exposure to water especially chlorinated water, and pay attention to potentially sweaty areas - in such areas the skin discolors a little faster than in other areas. By following these few steps you will guarantee yourself the longest possible time with an aesthetic tan - it can be as long as 14 days! If you want to enjoy it even longer, you just need to do spray tanning again - the tips of our specialists will help you care no matter what you choose.