Kitulec uses TanExpert products!

On his channel, Kitulec shares with observers the favorites of August 2021 - which are TanExpert products.

Products that guarantee spectacular results

Beauty industry-famous Youtuber Kitulec Kate recently tried out products from the TanExpert brand on her own skin. Created with high-quality ingredients, the formulations have become a way for her to achieve a stunning cool tan, thanks to the Dark Topaz. Equally effective, albeit featuring a slightly warmer shade, the Bronze Amber also covered the body perfectly, leaving no orange discoloration or streaks.

To replenish her fading tan, Kitulec used our gradual tanning lotion Desert Rose, which further moisturizes and deeply nourishes the skin. The ease of application, the absence of the unpleasant smell of artificial self-tanners, and most importantly, the natural shade of the tan are the reasons why TanExpert products have won the hearts of many users!

In the video, Kitulec mentions the added effect of gradual tanning drops Diamond Glow. They blend perfectly with your favorite lotion, gently increasing the intensity of the tan all over the body. It's worth remembering that the Diamond Glow drops are also a way to even out your facial tone with your entire body. Just one application is enough to enjoy a subtle and golden tan after a few hours!

See the video on the Kitulec channel