Let's help Ukraine

We are shocked by the events that are currently happening in the Ukrainian territories. As much as we can, we try to help people affected by the war.

If you want to offer your help, but are overwhelmed by the vast amount of information coming from all sides, you can count on us! We have collected information about verified locations and addresses of collections so that you can more easily give your help to the residents of Ukraine. It is very important to verify information coming from the mass media - especially the Internet. In the current moments arise, also collections of money, which are ultimately not transferred to where they should be.

Another key point is to give only the help that is needed. The willingness to help has exceeded all expectations, making the amount of items brought in each city so large that nothing more is currently needed. Acting "on your own," too, can spread information chaos. We must remember to avoid such situations. If you want to donate needed items, make a monetary donation or offer, any other possible help- be sure it is thoughtful and mediated through a legitimate, registered collection or foundation.

It is worth keeping in mind that help will be needed for a long time to come. Every day new people are arriving who want to shelter themselves and their families in our country. Let's help them get through this terrible time.

Addresses of verified collections:

1. Nationwide fundraiser for Ukraine - funds raised go to humanitarian relief https://www.siepomaga.pl/ukraina

2. Map of shared housing/accommodations - if you want to provide accommodation for refugees, you can fill out the application form https://uasupport.pl/#/dashboard/landing

3. During these few days, a help service was created, making it easy to add and find free ads with the most important ministries (i.e., legal help, rides, lodging, medical/psychological help, animal help, requests for help).

4. The Foreign Ministry has launched the pomagamukrainie.gov.pl website, through which aid will be coordinated. An application form is available there for anyone interested in helping.

5. Polish Red Cross announces collection of in-kind donations under the slogan #napomococUkraine - details can be found on the PCK website

Remember - every bit of help counts!