Milena Paciorak tests cosmetics from TanExpert!

The approaching end of the summer season was no obstacle for Lena to test as many as three TanExpert brand tanning products.

Tested products

The first product Milena tested on her own skin was the effective facial tanning drops Diamond Glow. A single use was enough to see the soft effect of a natural-looking tan on the complexion after just a few hours. The drops are perfect for daily care also in combination with a serum or your favorite cream. The product does not leave behind an unpleasant odor, which is a huge advantage for many female users!

The second product from TanExpert - that is, the bronzing foam Bronze Amber also won the blogger's heart! Safe ingredients left her skin with a cool and natural-looking tan shade. The best results during home application can be achieved by using a prior body scrub and a special glove. Even application of the product is key here!

The last on the list, bronzing lotion, is a pleasant-to-apply way to get a soft tan and moisturize the skin at the same time. Because of its gradual action, you can adjust the shade to your individual preferences - as Milena found out for herself.

TanExpert products have gained popularity in the beauty world for their immediate and spectacular results!