MineTan Coconut foam - Influencer's Top 2020 winner in the self-tanning category

Self Tanners is one of the biggest bestsellers of the MineTan brand, which was especially recognized in the Influencer's Top 2020 poll when it comes to self-tanning products. It has won the hearts of many users primarily due to its high-quality ingredients, which simultaneously improve skin tone and intensively nourish the skin.

Why MineTan Coconut foam has won the hearts of consumers?

So much interest associated with foam MineTan Coconut Water was built mainly on its amazing effect and the creation of a safe way to tan your body. The product is the first in the world to be based on the use of coconut water, which perfectly enhances the bronzing effect and ensures that the skin is properly moisturized - all thanks to antioxidants and natural ingredients.

The fatty acids in Coconut foam further moisturize the entire body, as well as particularly problematic and dry areas. Certainly, users will admit that without a solid moisturization, self-tanners will not produce such spectacular results. Moreover, it takes only 1 hour for the product to provide an intense and dark brown tan that lasts up to 14 days.

Compared to many other self-tanning products, Coconut foam features cruelty-free certification, meaning products not tested on animals - ideal for vegans. The composition of the product is primarily PETA-approved gentle ingredients and DHA of natural origin without unnecessary parabens.

Guaranteed results

There's a reason foam MineTan Coconut Waterwon an award in the Influencer's Top 2020 poll, in which reputable and repeatedly proven products compete for attention. The product's amazing properties translate into results that are visible almost immediately - each skin takes on a bronze hue and a healthy glow as soon as an hour after application, and the continued self-tanning effect lasts for several more hours even after the product is washed off.

In addition, you can decide the intensity of the tan yourself - just do not wash off the product after an hour, but leave it on for longer. To preserve the effect of the active ingredients, it is recommended to take only a short shower without detergents after the designated time, and you can return to normal baths after 8-16 hours. As you can see, the foam MineTan Coconut Water is a product so easy to apply and convenient that its success is not at all surprising!

Ease of use

Proper preparation before application looks almost identical no matter which self-tanning foam you use. The most important thing is to perform a full-body scrub the day before application, which allows the product to absorb into the fresh epidermis, which will last as long as possible along with the tan. In addition, when applying, it is a good idea to choose a special glove that makes it much easier to apply the product. Special attention should be paid to problem areas - such as dry elbows or knees, as well as hands and feet, which should be lubricated at the very end. In these parts, the dye is taken up most easily.

What's hugely important - self-tanning foam allows you to apply it even at the last minute before an important outing! After it dries, you can put on any clothes you like, but remember the allotted time for the bronzing effect to set in before you take a shower.