Self-tanner in foam

Surely more than once your attention has been drawn to intensely tanned bodies, with a deep shade of bronze or a sun-kissed skin effect. In the past, to achieve this, you had to spend many hours lying in the sun or use poor self-tanning cosmetics, which left streaks and orange tones. Thanks to self-tanning foam, you no longer have to worry about having an aesthetically pleasing and perfect tan for the upcoming season!

Why have self-tanning foams become so popular?

No matter what skin tone you want to achieve, self-tanner in foam will guarantee you uniform and thorough coverage of the body. In recent years, there have been gradual changes in the cosmetic world that further emphasize how important our health is. For this reason, it is worth knowing about the harmful effects of the sun's rays on epidermal cells. Accelerating skin aging, or increasing the risk of developing cancer are just single arguments that show the downside associated with natural tanning.

For the sake of users' health, self-tanning foams rely on artificial tanning, without the risk of negative effects such as burns or skin diseases. In addition, modern cosmetics are a great way to enhance a healthy and well-groomed body. You only need to try any of our self-tanning mousse once - for example, the bestseller TanExpert Bronze Amber - and you will never change your mind again.

What effect is guaranteed by self-tanners in foam?

Self-tanner in foam is the most versatile way to get a natural-looking tan, among TanExpert's tanning products. You'll find formulations that perfectly match your skin tone, suitable for both body and face. If you're not sure what color suits you, use our simple test that will match the product to your complexion, skin type and desired effect.

By using self-tanning foams, you can be sure to notice the benefits alone:

  • pleasant fragrance, without the smell of artificial tanning
  • no yellow or orange streaks or tones on the body
  • extremely fast absorption of the foam, so you can use it before important outings
  • intense hydration of the skin, thanks to natural ingredients, which are in perfect harmony with bronzing properties
  • the ability to adjust the degree of tanning to your liking - you decide how long it will take to wash the product off your skin.

Things to be especially careful about

Although a foam self-tanner such as TanExpert Bronze Amber works for everyone, its durability can be affected by several factors. This depends primarily on the initial condition of the skin and characteristics such as dryness or susceptibility to tanning cosmetics. Before applying the product, you must remember to cleanse and prepare your body solidly - without this, you have no guarantee that the tan will look good and distribute evenly.

Plan a thorough skin exfoliation, possible depilation, and take special care to moisturize both inside and out. Adequate drinking of water throughout the day and nutrient-rich lotions or body creams are essential steps to achieve healthy-looking skin. We also recommend applying self-tanning mousse with a special Bronze On glove, so you can spread the product more efficiently and protect your hands from dirt.