Self-tanners - the most frequently asked questions

self-tannings are a great way to optically improve the appearance of the skin and give it a healthy color. Products recommended by professionals also reduce the visibility of capillaries - which is an incredible advantage for many users. Self-tanners and bronzing foams give a great effect of smooth and tanned skin, and the modern TanExpert and MineTan products have additional ingredients that are responsible for smoothing and moisturizing the entire body.

Self-tanning cosmetics  are becoming more and more popular, which also results in a greater choice and variety of tan shades. We are perfectly aware that before the first treatment you may have many questions and concerns - for this reason we are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions by our clients. Most of them concern the application and handling of the skin after tanning, but you will also learn from them which cosmetics we particularly recommend.

Does the skin need to be prepared before applying the self-tanner?

Regardless of the condition of your skin, we suggest that you prepare it properly before applying self-tanner. The best solution is to thoroughly cleanse the body with a gentle scrub, paying particular attention to the knees and elbows - the skin in these places can be dry and calloused, which can cause uneven distribution of the preparation. Also remember to keep a few hours interval between peeling and self-tanner application - this will help you minimize the risk of irritation.

Traditional body scrubs leave a greasy layer that can spoil the final effect of the entire tan. If you want to eliminate the risk of stains and streaks, you will need a brush or a glove that gently exfoliates dead skin cells. In our offer you will find the repeatedly tested and safe MineTan Bronze Away peeling glove - with its help you will prepare your body for the application of self-tanner, and also stimulate the renewal of epidermal cells.

How should self-tanner be applied?

A good self-tanner is best applied with a specially designed glove that guarantees even distribution of the product and easy application. In our offer you will find MineTan Bronze On gloves made of double-sided material with a delicate texture. With it, you can apply any foam or self-tanning lotion, and after application, you can wash the glove under running water or wash it in the washing machine without additional softeners.

If you don't have a glove, however, some products (e.g. balm) can be applied with your hands - remember to wash them thoroughly immediately after application, so that pigment spots do not stick between your fingers. The preparation should be applied to dry skin and evenly distributed until it is absorbed. It is not recommended to use fatty body butters, creams and lotions before applying the self-tanner.

Do self-tanners have a bad smell?

In most cases, the smell of self-tanning products arises from the reaction between DHA and amino acids found in the epidermis. In order to eliminate unpleasant sensations as much as possible, manufacturers add neutralizing substances and formulas that mask the smell to modern products. All our cosmetics are characterized by the absence of the smell of artificial tan. In addition, Coconut Water foam, i.e. the world's first self-tanning foam with coconut water - is enriched with a coconut fragrance.

Are self-tanners suitable for use during pregnancy?

To determine whether a given self-tanner is suitable for use during pregnancy, you must first check its composition - make sure it does not contain substances that can be potentially harmful or allergenic, e.g. essential oils. The second step is the mandatory allergy test, which you can perform on a small piece of skin. When it comes to cosmetics containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA), it is worth noting that this substance has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and allowed for use in cosmetics and there are no contraindications for cosmetics with dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to be used during pregnancy. Nevertheless, each case should be considered individually - therefore, before using a specific cosmetic, we recommend prior consultation with the attending physician.

Foam, spray or lotion self-tanners - which are the most effective?

The best self-tanner is the one that matches your formula preferences. TanExpert and MineTan products enjoy maximum effectiveness and intense effect, no matter what form you choose. If you expect an intense effect and you can "work" a bit in the cosmetic, the bronzing mousse will be perfect for you. For people who want to tan their face quickly, gradual tanning drops or face mist will be perfect. On the other hand, the bronzing lotion is the best self-tanner for dry and tired skin, prone to capillaries.

How to choose the right color for yourself?

The color you get depends primarily on your skin tone, the amount of product applied, and the number of uses. So it's easy to see that this is quite an individual issue. A good way to find your perfect shade is to try out the MineTan mini self-tanning foam kit that comes with an application mitt. This package includes as many as 3 different colors - so you can try each of them on your body.

For light complexions, we usually recommend light self-tanners, which can then be gradually strengthened by reapplying the product, even for several days. However, if you have a darker complexion, start with a medium shade. In the event of an emergency, when you want to achieve a strong effect quickly, we recommend a dark color - a perfect effect even after a short time on the skin.

Which self-tanners are particularly recommended?

The best self-tanner is certainly an individual matter that depends on many factors. In order to make the choice a little easier, we have prepared for our customers a few suggestions of cosmetics that deserve attention. Among them, TanExpert Bronze Amber Premium Line self-tanning foam stands out - available in a capacity of up to 200 ml. It is characterized by an almost immediate effect of a dark-brown tan without orange tones and any streaks.

The MineTan Coconut Water self-tanning foam is an excellent proposition for both the body and the face. It was created with comfort and versatility in mind, making it suitable for all skin types. It consists of moisturizing oils and antioxidants, which will allow you to take care of your skin properly. It is worth remembering that the particularly recommended MineTan products are made of 100% natural DHA.

Are DHA tanning products safe?

The DHA substance was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration - US government institution) over 30 years ago as a means for use in the personal care industry. Self-tanners with DHA are incomparably safer and healthier compared to classic sun tanning, which poses a risk of negative effects of the rays. The only side effects that have been reported are slight skin irritation in allergic people - apart from that, the use of spray tanning or other self-tanners is completely safe.

Can self-tanner be used on the face?

Due to the fact that there is no simple answer to this question, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations for a specific product and the condition of your skin. All TanExpert and MineTan products can be safely used on the face. If you are afraid of too intense an effect - the safest solution is to use cosmetics typically intended for the face. A perfect example of this are the TanExpert Diamond Glow gradual tanning drops.

Special attention should also be paid to dedicated cosmetics, which may contain additional plant extracts, which enhances their smoothing and firming effect. An example of such preparations are MineTan Luxe Oil self-tanning drop, MineTan Cucumber Hydrating cucumber self-tanning mist and many other products that you will find in our offer.