Self-tanning foams - popular questions

Self-tanning mousse will give your skin a subtle and natural-looking tan shade. There are almost only advantages associated with such products - they are easy to apply, give a quick effect, plus they do not leave orange tones on the skin. Certainly, at the beginning of the use of mousses you will find useful some of our answers to the most popular questions. In addition, bronzing mousse is a cosmetic that has been tested many times, so you can be sure that it is safe for both the skin and the body.

How to choose the perfect foam for yourself?

Self-tanning foams found in our offer have a natural and cool shade, so you don't have to worry about ending up with an orange skin color. To make it easier, you can use a special configurator that will help you choose a self-tanner that is compatible with your complexion and expectations. You can use the program at any time, and thanks to its trivially simple operation, you'll know which product to choose in no time. However, if you have any doubts, just contact us by phone, email or social media, where you will also find a wealth of information and advice.

Is there any risk that the tan will look artificial?

This type of question is no surprise, since many low-quality products can be easily identified at a glance. That is why TanExpert and MineTan cosmetics are the definition of quality - they offer a completely new standard and guarantee a natural effect. Confirmation of our words are numerous positive recommendations from users and professionals rotating in the Beauty industry. If you want to see how the self-tanning foam works, we invite you to visit our social media - you will find testimonials, videos and photos showing the effect before and after.

Which products are the strongest and which are the weakest?

Our self-tanning foams they are characterized by a natural shade, no matter how intense the effect they give. For this reason, you don't have to worry that using a gentle product will result in orange or yellow skin tones. In terms of the order of products in terms of potency, we give you a list starting with the softest shades: Caramel, Luxe Oil, Coconut, Olive, Workout Ready, Wonder Tan, Moroccan, Dark Ash, Violet, Blue Black, X20, Absolute Ultra Dark.

How to apply the foam evenly?

The best option especially for beginners is a self-tanner with a glove, which you can purchase in our assortment. The glove itself is made of a nice-to-touch material, which guarantees you an even distribution of the product both on the body and on the face. However, remember to prepare properly - the day before application, perform a gentle scrub of the entire body, and on the day of application of the self-tanner, do not use any cosmetics, lotions or antiperspirants. Your skin should be dry and clean, so that the bronzing foam has a chance to evenly penetrate the outer layer of the epidermis.