Spray tanning - how to prepare properly?

Spray tanning is a great way if you dream of an intense and natural tan, but do not want to expose yourself to the negative effects of lounging in the sun. Preparations with DHA of natural origin will help you take care of both the appearance of your skin and improve its hydration, thanks to the addition of extracts and oils. If you don't know how to prepare for spray tanning in order to maximize the delightful effect of your tan, then this article is for you!

48 hours before surgery/ Two days before surgery

At least two days before the procedure, you should perform a possible depilation. This will prevent the risk that during spray tanning something will go wrong, or the result will not satisfy you. Immediately after epilation, the skin pores are open, and for this very reason, performing it before the procedure would be tantamount to the formation of dark dots in the pores. If you wait the recommended 48 hours, the pores will be closed and you will not have to deal with unsightly dots.

24 hours before the treatment/ Day before the treatment

About a day before the treatment, it's best to perform a gentle full-body scrub - you can do it either in the bath or shower. Pay special attention to problem areas, such as elbows, knees, or other dry areas. A special MineTan Bronze Away glove, which you can find in the store's wide assortment, is extremely helpful in scrubbing. We do not recommend using classic scrubs for exfoliation, as they often leave an oily layer on the skin. If you are prone to skin allergies, perform a body test 24 hours before tanning.

During the 24 hours before the treatment, avoid using strong soaps, products with high pH, extract-based, oil-based or other types of moisturizers. This will avoid the problem of even distribution of self-tanner and the formation of streaks.  Shower products with occlusive additives provide a barrier to the skin, resulting in blocked effects of tanning agents. To guarantee yourself a stunning effect of evenly tanned skin, keep these tips in mind.

On the day of spray tanning

On the day of the treatment, remember not to apply any moisturizing cream or lotion to your skin, nor to use perfume, deodorant or makeup. Before applying the self-tanner itself, your skin should be clean and dry - the exception being problem areas, namely elbows and knees which tend to absorb the tanning substance more efficiently. In order to keep the tan from being too intense in these areas, it's a good idea to smear them with a minimal amount of moisturizing lotion.

Przed wyjściem z domu zaopatrz się w ciemne ubrania, które pomogą Ci zminimalizować ryzyko, że resztki produktu zabarwią jasne lub kolorowe ciuchy. In addition, it's a good idea to choose items in which you are loose and comfortable - this will avoid wiping the not yet fully absorbed product from your skin. If you're dealing with open wounds, scratches, or have recently had a fresh tattoo on your skin, reposition the spray tanning until the epidermis heals properly.