TanExpert Exclusive Line

Welcome to the world of cosmetics recommended by Professionals. Launched in 2023, the Exclusive Line series includes phenomenal cosmetics for the most demanding customers looking for self-tanners of unrivaled quality.

TanExpert Exclusive Line The One - Self-Tanning Foam?

The ONE foam with DHA and erythrulose is a unique self-tanner from TanExpert's exclusive line. It is a facial and body cosmetic with an improved formula created as a result of continuous consultation, testing and experience guided by the constant pursuit of perfection. The cosmetic has retained its universal properties and will work well on both fair and medium complexions. The new release provides faster absorption into the skin and no stickiness from the first seconds, stronger hydration, a pleasant fragrance on application and less DHA sensation when reacting with the epidermis. The tan is even more beautiful and the effect is more durable and stronger, while maintaining a subtle finish.

Because the intensity of the tan depends on how long you leave the initial bronzer on your body, you can perfectly match the shade to your complexion and expectations. Regardless of the intensity you choose,The One foam will give you a subtle, deep tan. The cosmetic is perfect for both first-time and advanced users of bronzing foams.

TanExpert Exclusive Line The Element 79 - Step-Tanning Drops

The Element 79< gradual-tanning drops with DHA and erythrulose are another cosmetic from the TanExpert exclusive line. They are a gradual tanning product with gold elements that will illuminate your face and give it a natural bronze glow. The unrivaled quality means that just a few hours after applying the product, the effect will be visible on your face. You can deepen it with each subsequent application, so you can perfectly match the shade and intensity of the tan to your individual expectations.