TanExpert products are Natalia Siwiec’s hit!

Natalia Swiec, despite having a naturally exotic tan, regularly uses additional self-tanning products. That way, she doesn't expose her skin to the sun's negative rays - and most importantly, she enjoys a stunning result!

Self-tanning facial mist

Acknowledged by our customers many times, the TanExpert Invisible Dust mist has also won the heart of Natalia Siwiec. After using the product on your face, you won't see any streaks or uneven spots - your skin looks perfectly tanned! In addition, our product has great performance. Two puffs are enough to cover the entire complexion and, depending on the frequency of application, decide the shade.

Invisible Dust mist works equally well for use on the neck and décolleté. As Natalia found out on her skin, the resulting bronzing effect is very natural, and gives the complexion a healthy look! It's worth keeping this in mind, especially if you want to moisturize dry or combination skin. The professional mist was created on the basis of natural ingredients - such as jojoba oil. Compared to traditional self-tanners, it is devoid of an unpleasant and artificial smell.