TanExpert - Women's Brand of the Year 2021

For TanExpert, being awarded the title of Women's Brand of the Year is first and foremost a success built on the trust of our female customers. The priceless award has become confirmation for us that the effort put into creating high-quality products is what people appreciate most.

TanExpert's ideology is a clear benchmark for us in our pursuit of perfect quality at every step. This makes us confident that both our products and services will provide every woman with an exclusive experience. We create an assortment tailored to the needs of both first-time and slightly more advanced self-tanners.

We strive to ensure that the solutions we offer are both easily accessible to every woman and guarantee maximum safety during their use. The self-tanning products in the TanExpert range are the quintessential combination of environmentally friendly - and, most importantly, effective - ingredients.

Winning the title of Women's Brand of the Year 2021 is a great opportunity to show that it is worth expressing yourself especially in the busy everyday life. As TanExpert, we feel honored to be among the trusted brands according to women.