The best self-tanner for me – what do you recommend?

Summer season is coming and you are not satisfied with your skin tone? Nothing lost! A wide range of self-tanners will allow you to choose a shade that both matches your complexion and your expectations. To make your choice as easy as possible, we have prepared some tips, as well as a description of particularly recommended self-tanners.

What should be the characteristics of an ideal self-tanner?

When choosing the best self-tanner for yourself, you should be guided primarily by its quality - cosmetics of this type should not leave unsightly orange or yellow streaks on the body! In addition to this, for a natural effect, it is worth considering your skin complexion and skin type - different cosmetics are recommended for oily skin, and others for dry skin.

Universal self-tanning foams for body and face

If you're looking for a quick tan, try self-tanning foams that guarantee thorough coverage of every part of your body and, most importantly, also the perfect shade of almost exotic tan! The MineTan Coconut Water is the perfect cosmetic if you're getting started with self-tanners - in addition to changing your skin's color, it also provides you with a big dose of hydration! In addition, you can use it on the whole body and face.

Best products if you need more intense hydration

When your skin needs stronger hydration, it is worth using both self-tanners with nourishing properties and additional skin care products. The ideal solution in such a case may be for you self-tanning foam MineTan Wonder Tan, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B3, C and E bringing maximum hydration to even very dry skin and guaranteeing no orange tones.

Equally attractive for dry skin are bronzing lotions used to enhance a natural tan or create the effect of sun-kissed skin, thanks to the content of precious activators and additional oils. Their main task is to provide a natural tan shade, as well as deep moisturization. When deciding on bronzing lotions, you can choose products that contain coconut oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil or macadamia oil.

Foams for the physically active

If you work out often or do any sports, you probably reckon that sweat contributes to washing off your tan faster. In this case, the best product for you may be the self-tanning foam MineTan Workout Ready, which contains a special formula that allows sweat to pass through the tan and make it resistant to intense exertion!

Transparent variant of gradual tanning foam

Do you dream of a natural tan that will further nourish your skin and give you a solid boost of precious ingredients? We have the perfect proposal for you! The MineTan Natural Glow features a gradual-emerging tan, so you don't have to worry about anything after its application-more importantly, the product absorbs almost instantly, contains no dyes or bronzers in its formulation, and won't clog your skin's pores.

Something for fans of spray tanning

If you prefer the effect of spray tanning and want to enjoy it on a daily basis, we have compact devices for your home. The personal set of Bronze Babe like the Tan.Handy with Excess 3 applicator will perfectly improve your skin's complexion and give it an exotic look. However, be sure to also choose a extendable tent for home kits, which will prevent furniture or home equipment from getting dirty while spraying the product.