Three categories, same goal - tan

The goal - a beautiful tan!

Summer is getting closer and closer! Sunny days make us more likely to indulge in outdoor activities, but we also pull shorter summer clothes out of the closet.

This is therefore the perfect time for us to take a closer look at the range of self-tanners available. Our products are divided into three categories, each with subtly different properties. Rest assured that no matter which type you choose, a sunny and radiant tan will appear on your skin.

Self-tanning foam

If you care about time and want to see the tanning effect in just one hour, self-tanner in foam form will be the perfect choice. We have taken care to create products with the best possible formulation, so that their application is easy, pleasant, and the results are spectacular and natural at the same time. Remember that the intensity of the tan depends on how long you keep the initial bronzer on your body - if you want a natural, golden shade, you can wash off the product after just an hour, and if your dream is an intense, dark tan, leave the mousse even overnight. Each of our self-tanning foams is enriched with different nutrients, so everyone can find their ideal product. We have also created a helpful tool to find your perfect shade. Click HERE to open the configurator, answer 3 simple questions and you're done.

Bronzing Lotion

What makes our lotions different? In their composition you will find natural oils and plant-based ingredients that will instantly regenerate your skin, smooth it and visibly moisturize it. And all this is combined with a gradually building tan and a natural glow. You can use the lotion to build up your dream shade or deepen the effect already achieved. You have full control over how the final tan will look, which gives you even more options. An additional advantage of our bronzing lotions is their pleasant fragrance, which increases the comfort of application and makes application resemble a relaxing ritual. Remember that you will get the best results when you apply the lotion with a dedicated glove, which will help you reach hard-to-reach places and minimize the risk of streaks or unevenness.

Self-tanner for face

We all know very well that the delicate skin of our face requires the right ingredients that will not disturb its natural radiance and hydration, but, on the contrary, will further deepen them. That's why we've created safe cosmetics dedicated to facial skin that take care of its barrier while giving it a gradual tan. Their formula has been fine-tuned so that they do not interfere with your daily skin care ritual, but are merely an addition to it. Just add the right amount of cosmetic to a portion of your cream or serum and mix thoroughly. Your favorite will then become a self-tanner, while retaining its properties. Already within a few hours after applying the cosmetic, you will see the effect of sun-kissed skin, which will deepen with each subsequent use. Control over the final shade is in your hands.