Why use self-tanner with a mitt in the first place?

Express self-tanners are a great way to get a natural-looking tan without streaks or orange tones. However, to guarantee a thorough application of the product, it is worth considering that nothing will do it as thoroughly as a special self-tanner glove!

Proper preparation for self-tanner applicationa

Whether you have self-tanner in foam or lotion, the first step in achieving an aesthetically pleasing tan should be to take care of your skin. It's worth remembering such basics as the right amount of water you drink throughout the day - without this, you run the risk of dry skin problems, especially in problem areas.

The day before the application, put on a solid peeling whole body - so you will avoid the risk of any stains or spots. In addition, by getting rid of dead skin, the active and bronzing ingredients will work on a fresh layer, so you will enjoy a natural tan much longer. During the actual application of the self-tanner, all you need to do is apply the product to a mitt and start spreading it in circular motions over selected parts or the entire body.

The benefits of a self-tanner mitt

Our professional glove for self-tanner application Bronze On it is made of pleasant and double-sided material, which makes it ideal for applying the product. With its help, your skin will get a healthy look and acquire a bronze shade without unnecessary streaks or stains, which very often arise if someone applies self-tanner with only their hands, for example. Most importantly — mitt Bronze On protects your hands and nails from bronzing ingredients, so you won't experience unwanted discoloration.

You can use the glove on any hand, and its care is very simple - just wash it in the washing machine without softeners and dry it to enjoy using it again. However, remember to be extra careful when it comes to the sun's rays - it is best to hang the glove in a shady place. It is very important that the glove is completely dried before the next use.

Self-tanner with glove

The application of self-tanner with a glove will guarantee you a perfect tint and minimize the risk of orange tones appearing on your skin due to incorrect distribution of the product. In addition to the comfort of applying the product, it's also worth mentioning that self-tanner applied with a glove further moisturizes and nourishes the skin by massaging it to improve the skin's blood supply.

If you're wondering why we particularly recommend our self-tanner application glove Bronze On You need to know that we are guided primarily by quality. We are well aware that these types of products can also be found at a lower price, but in our opinion, the application of professional products should be carried out decently - and this is what an accurate and reusable glove will guarantee you. Bronze On.