Tan.Fresh Air Portable Air Absorber

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A portable air absorber dedicated to experts specializing in spray tanning.

That's what you can expect from this product


Evenly extraction of excess tanning mist in the air


Professional filters that can be easily replaced


Lightweight design that makes it easy to use and move the device


A device ideal for professional salons and mobile experts


Tan.Fresh.Air system, consisting in sucking moisture from the air


Micro-Whirlwind technology for air ventilation


Professional Clean Air & Extraction Portable Unit with Micro-Whirlwind technology.

Tan.Fresh Air portable air extractor is an air purification and ventilation system using Micro-Whirlwind technology, ideal for mobile experts, professional salons and home use.

Lightweight device with enough power to remove excess solution tanner in the air in any room. Equipped with a handle, it is ideal for small rooms or for mobile use.

The Tan.Fresh Air micro-vortex suction system sucks moisture (and any troublesome tanning solutions) from the air before it reaches it into the room - protecting the health and safety of both customers and staff, simply giving you a breath of fresh air.

  • 1 x Tan.Fresh.Air portable air extractor
  • 1 x filter
  • 1 x power cable


Dimensions and technical specification

Width 250mm
Length: 165mm
Height: 250mm
Power: 240V (Volt)
Exhaust airflow (m3/h): 520 rpm
Weight: 3kg (8lbs)
Volume: 30-50dbs

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The Tan.Fresh Air Extraction Unit is warranted for one year.
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