Spray tanning training at TanExpert - why is it worth it?

Whether you want to learn something new or are looking to improve the quality of your services, spray tanning training under the wings of TanExpert will open up a whole new opportunity for you. If you're not sure whether such an opportunity is worth it, check out our article!

Trust built on experience

It is no discovery to say that in order to convince a potential customer to take a spray tanning training, it is important to emphasize the experience of the people who will be conducting them. A perfect example is our training courses, which are conducted by 5 TanExpert Masters - that is, people who have a lot of experience in the industry, despite their still young age.

Thanks to the fact that spray tanning at TanExpert is taught by productive and energetic people, you can be sure that they will provide substantive support every step of the way. In addition, they are characterized by an extremely collaborative and developmental approach. These types of qualities are great not only at work, but also in relationships with employees. For this reason, we emphasize how worthwhile it is to work with long-time Experts who are professionally involved in spray tanning.

Comprehensive theoretical and practical training

You can be sure that during a spray tanning course at TanExpert, experts will take care of both your theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In addition, everything carried out with the help of reputable cosmetics, which are divided into those professional or for home use. In the theoretical part, you will learn first of all the techniques of performing spray tanning, but also, most importantly, we will discuss in detail the properties and use of cosmetics. We will provide you with the necessary information on how to match the preparation to the skin and expectations of each client.

As for the hands-on training, we begin by showing you how a client's spray tan should be done correctly. This gives you the opportunity to carry out the next treatment with your own hands on our two models. It is within our scope to teach you how to perfectly apply the product to the skin. At every stage, we guarantee reliable information, advice with specialists, and most importantly, we pay attention to the small details that can determine the overall effect of spray tanning. You will also find that a friendly approach to the other person is the basis, without which it is impossible to work!

Certificate confirming skills

Upon completion of spray tanning training, you will receive a certificate confirming your skills. Its validity applies to both the theoretical and practical parts. Along with obtaining the qualification, you will join the ranks of Beauty specialists, which will open up opportunities to purchase TanExpert products at attractive prices.

What are the financial benefits after completing the training?

With the completion of spray tanning training, you can start working on your own terms and in any location without any obstacles. You decide how many treatments per day you will perform - which means your earnings can increase up to several times! You can even fit several people into your schedule in one day, as one treatment lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.