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Take advantage of the promotional conditions and order any 3 liter MineTan spray tanning lotions. A few clicks and you're done.

That's what you can expect from this product


3 freely selected MineTan fluids at the best promotional price

Easy and pleasant application without streaks and effect without orange tones

Quick absorption of the cosmetic into the skin, tan visible after an hour

A cosmetic without the unpleasant smell of artificial tan

Minimally perceptible DHA after applying sun lotion

Vegan-friendly composition, paraben-free, with DHA of natural origin



Choose any 3 professional 1-liter self-tanning mists at a promotional price! Give your clients a perfect tan – every time. Our wide range of spray tanning liquids will allow you to choose a self-tanner for every type and color of skin, as well as the tan expected by the client. From a golden, sun-kissed tan to a deep, rich, dark color and the darkest of all ultra-dark self-tanners, it's all in your hands. Each liquid ensures a perfect, streak-free tan and a long-lasting, deep, natural effect.

No orange tones | Without the smell of artificial tan | Moisturizing antioxidants and oils


Our Instant Tan in 1 Hour formula with tanning activators and quad bronzer, combined with powerful antioxidants and rich, exclusive oils, will help you achieve a faster tan that penetrates deep into the skin and creates a deep, natural, longer-lasting color.


  • For a natural shade, take a shower 1 hour after application. Leave the product on longer for a deeper, darker color.
  • Rinse your body with lukewarm water for 45 seconds. Do not use soap or scrub. Your tan will develop and deepen over the next 24 hours. You can return to regular bathing 8-16 hours after application.
  • Proper skin care should ensure a streak-free tan for 5-10 days after application.
This product is intended for professional use. It can be used in any spray tanning system, regardless of manufacturer. We advise technicians to wear gloves and filtering masks during application. We recommend using 50 ml of liquid for a single tanning session (20 applications / liter). If you decide to apply a second layer, we advise you to limit yourself to 85 ml.

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For a list of ingredients, go to individual products.

TanExpert and MineTan formulas contain gentle ingredients that improve the condition of your skin. All products are formulated with DHA of natural origin and are paraben-free. The cosmetics are suitable for vegans and not tested on animals (cruelty-free).
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