National Training of Experts in Spray Tanning

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Dear experts!
Following the success of the Nationwide Training in Kalisz, we are delighted to invite you to Szczecin for the second edition of this wonderful event.
Take advantage of this opportunity and join the elite group of TanExpert PRO.

This is what you can expect from this event


The title of TanExpert Pro for the 2024 edition, numerous gifts, and vouchers.


Presentation of products from the Exclusive Line of the TanExpert brand.


Demonstration of spray tanning and body contouring and modeling.


Lecture on a holistic approach to skincare.


Lecture by a specialist in accounting on company development.


Receive TanExpert Certificates and statuettes

Detailed information about the event

Date March 16, 2024, 11:00 am
Location Hanza Tower (next to Dana hotel), al. Wyzwolenia 46, 71-500 Szczecin
Duration about 7h
What do you need to bring? smile and good mood

Buy this product and you will receive an exclusive benefit package during the training:

1. TanExpert Cosmetic Airbrush for body contouring worth 500 PLN
2. Script and video training on body contouring and modeling worth 1300 PLN
3. 2 Certificates of completion for body contouring and modeling training
4. 50% voucher for the purchase of professional and home use cosmetics at TanExpert24 store
5. TanExpert brand cosmetics package worth 500 PLN

But wait, there's more! Sign up for the training and be surprised :)

Interested in this event? Wonderfully!


Below you will find more information that will surely convince you even more:

  • On the day of the premiere, you can purchase the training at a promotional price of 1350 PLN.
  • You can buy the training until February 18, 2024 (the number of places is limited)
  • During this meeting, you will receive a huge dose of new information, numerous gifts and surprises.
  • And in addition, we intend to infect you with a specific portion of energy to act, ideally at the beginning of the 2024 season.
  • Your spray tanning will reach a whole new level. :)

On schedule:

  • Formal welcome with a glass of prosecco, snacks and drinks available during the training, and a festive dinner
  • Presentation of the latest products from the TanExpert brand, a demonstration of spray tanning, and body contouring and modeling
  • Lectures on "A Holistic Approach to Skincare" and "Company Development"
  • Numerous gifts, discount vouchers, as well as the presentation of certificates and statuettes


Let all corners of Poland, enthusiasts of healthy sunbathing, meet on March 16, 2024 in Szczecin!
You can't miss it
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